HYPHEN approaches property management from an owner’s perspective, delivering unparalleled service, efficiency and the reduction of real estate investment risk. Properties managed by HYPHEN outperform their competition time and time again, with a better caliber tenant, higher rents, consistent superior tenant satisfaction ratings and extraordinarily high retention rates. 


Investing in real estate most likely won't produce the get-rich-quick results promised by many a late-night infomercials.  Our competitors charge 10% full service management fees, lease renewal fees, admin fees and even advertising fees; we're cringing too just reading the list.   At HYPHEN we understand why you own property and its connection to your back pocket, so no hidden fees and full service means full service.  Our 7.5% full service management fee, once viewed as too little by the industry, puts the income back where it belongs; in your hands.


HYPHEN has the knowledge and experience to complete leases in Boulder County, Colorado, allowing us to be on top of the rental market statistics and trends.  If you are utilizing HYPHEN to rent out your unit, we will complete the rental process from start to finish, listing and showing your property, processing applicants with credit and references checks, collecting deposits, preparing the unit for occupancy and coordinating move in with tenants.


HYPHEN will monitor the monthly rent payments and accommodate payment of operating expenses (maintenance, insurance etc.).  Owners have online access to their portal with monthly statement summary and accounting breakdown. Tenant's maintenance will be directed to our office which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week via email or phone.  Our staff will be available to liaison between building management, tenants and your questions.